Bay Rum

A handsome soap for men with an exotic fragrance of blended Indian spices, sweet orange and pine needles ~ a favorite! Made with coconut milk for skin health and additions of African shea butter, sweet almond oil and kaolin clay. This bar is packed with skin-nourishing benefits.

Due to its soothing properties, coconut milk is a great moisturizer replacing moisture in dehydrated skin. It improves skin elasticity due to the copper and vitamin C content. These nutrients slow down the aging process by maintaining flexibility and elasticity of skin and blood vessels helping prevent wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots.

Shea Butter nourishes the skin with Vitamins A, E and F and helps prevent premature wrinkles and facial lines. Vitamin F acts as a skin protector and rejuvenator, soothing rough, dry or chapped skin.

Sweet almond oil has amazing emollient qualities, strengthening and nourishing skin. Rich in Vitamin E it provides moisture, helps even out skin tone and fights the signs of aging.  Almond oil helps open pores and remove dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Kaolin clay is efficient in improving circulation of blood to your skin, as well as elimination of wastes and toxins. Skin experts recommend kaolin clay for dry and oily skin. It is one of the best agents to reduce production of sebum, the main contributor to greasy skin.

Nurture your skin while enjoying a mental get-a-way to an exotic isle when using a bar of Bay Rum. Treat yourself or a loved one today.

Ingredients: coconut and lard oils, distilled water, olive and canola oils, sodium hydroxide, coconut milk, castor and sweet almond oils, African shea butter, fragrances of clove, cinnamon, bay leaf, allspice, sweet orange, patchouli, musk and pine, kaolin clay, titanium dioxide, cosmetic minerals

5 oz.


Bay Rum