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A Note About Handmade Soap

Black Raspberry Handmade Soap

The soaps from Eve's Garden are made using the cold process and hot process methods. Cold processed soaps are cured for 6 weeks, so they become hard and long lasting. Hot processed soaps are tested with Phenolphthalein Solution, making sure there is no lye content remaining. Both processes assure a high quality product.

Handmade soaps are different from manufactured ones in many ways. Significant differences are the quality of ingredients, and retaining the natural, by-product glycerin, that is normally removed and sold separately in manufactured soap. Glycerin is necessary to nurture and moisturize the skin. For these reasons handmade soap is a healthier choice.

Eve's Garden uses high-quality ingredients in their soaps. Recipes include coconut oil, palm shortening, red palm oil, vegetable shortening and lard for hard oils. Liquid oils found in mosts soaps are olive, canola, sweet almond and Castor. Each has skin benefits and a positive quality it brings to the bar.

Olive is the mildest oil and makes a wonderful natural soap called Castile, originating in Spain. Castor oil is used in every bar, and ensures a rich lather. Other ingredients that are excellent for dry and sensitive skin include milks and butters. We like using African shea butter, mango butter and cocoa butter for most recipes.

Additions of milk products are not only healthy for skin, but produce a creamy lather.  Our favorite milks are goat, coconut, buttermilk and good old fashioned cow's milk. Essential and fragrance oils add a wonderful scent and remain in the soap as emollients and conditioners.

The colorants used in Eve's Garden products are cosmetic-grade minerals and mica mixed with extra light olive oil. We also use titanium dioxide sometimes, well known as a sun-blocking agent.

Another difference in handmade soap is aesthetics. No bar is exactly the same shape, or depicts an identical design, each soap is unique. Eve's Garden soaps are trimmed very slightly. We feel customers get more for their money this way.

We welcome any questions or comments you may have about our ingredients or processes. We are also open to suggestions or requests for custom made recipes that may include other ingredients not listed. Making new recipes and experimenting is a large part of the fun and enjoyment of making soap!

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