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Crate Gift Set - Japanese Cherry Blossom

These lovely confetti soaps are scented in the beautiful floral fragrance of the Japanese Cherry Blossom tree, think breezy spring with a fresh flower scent in the air. The top has a decorative soap flower and leaf embed, unique to each bar with a hint of cosmetic glitter. Skin healthy ingredients such as milk, grape seed oil and cocoa butter are added, making this a moisturizing soap with rich, bubbly lather. 4 bars sit inside a little wooden crate with paper shreds with a corded ribbon and bow, a wonderful gift for any occasion.


Ingredients: olive oil, distilled water, coconut oil, canola oil, sodium hydroxide, palm oil, lard, whole milk, castor oil, cocoa butter, grape seed oil, titanium dioxide, sea salt, previously made soap shreds


4.5 oz (127 g)

Crate Gift Set - Japanese Cherry Blossom

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